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Engagement Circle

Find out who has been engaging with a specific user, hashtag or multiple hashtags. By clicking around the circle, you will be able to view tweets, evaluate likeliness of BOTS, check stats and get other relevant indicators. We provide you with data that will help you find the best influencers, track engagement and more so you can build the right community for you, your brand or your business


Go deep into your social media analysis by tracking important KPI’s. We make data analysis easy for you by providing key indicators that will help you achieve your goals faster and get a better understanding of your social impact. Search your own user, clients, main competitors and hashtags, this tool has the flexibility you need.


We provide you with the best tool for tracking even the industry influencers. Use the engagement circle and dashboards to find out who and what connects them with you. Get to know your potential influencers better by checking their performance, find out who is part of their audience, bot likelihood, performance key indicators and more. Let us help you make a better decision when it comes to getting the right influencer for your objective.

Hashtag Tracking

Track one or more hashtags at the same time, get relevant KPI’s, find key topics, track micro influencers and understand the sentiment behind the hashtag. This tool will not only help you to understand the hashtag performance, but it will help you to get better results by going deep into hashtag analysis.

Word and Emoji Cloud

Discover topics and keywords that are creating impact around a user, hashtag or multiple hashtags. For deeper learning you can click each word/topic/emoji and view the tweet’s related to them. The clickable cloud is great for sentiment analysis, finding trends, relevant hashtags, discover topics of interest and understanding audience likes and dislikes. Also, you will be able to customize your cloud, delete words that are not relevant, view only emoji’s and much more.

Buzz Rate

Improve your conversation by detecting what content is creating the most impact and what needs a closer look and improvement. We provide you with not only the top tweets, but a larger analysis of tweets sent. You can search your own user, competitors, a specific hashtag or multiple hashtags, we help you make better decisions by providing the right information for your objectives.

Our Service

Best Service for Growing your Community

Understanding your social media impact has never been easier. We provide the tools to help you understand what is going on in your community. Social media analysis is not just about numbers, it is about conversations and understanding what is working and what needs a closer look. We make data visual and easy to understand. This tool is for all, from people who want to get their voice out there to brands who want to grow their community by knowing who their followers are, what they like about their brand and what makes them different from competitors.


Share your results and start a conversation with your community. Let them know you value their presence and want to get to know them better.

Target the right audience

By using all of our products, you will be able to create an effective social media strategy that targets the right audience.


Nowadays it is all about building a community and to do so you need to create valuable content by understanding your audience's interest and what impacts them the most.

Track Social Media Presence

Get to know what your followers and others are saying about you, your brand and your clients. We offer a visual way to track, measure, and check the conversation behind each keyword like you've never seen before.

Content Strategy

The best tool for building your content strategy. Get ideas from trending topics, find hashtags, spot people of influence and analyze the sentiment of the conversation.

Data Analysis

We provide metrics and KPIs that helps monitor social media performance. You can track your competitors, clients, influencers, brands, you name it.


Follow trending hashtags, explore what is happening around them, gets ideas for new hashtag campaigns, the possibilities are endless.

Influencer Marketing

Choosing the right influencer for your brand is easy with us. Find out who your influencers are, follow the performance of potential influencers and get to know the industry influencers.

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