Frequently Asked Questions

Yes, we collect public social data only.
Sign In and check "My Account", under "Subscriptions" you will find your available searches and tweets.
Sign In and check "My account", under "Invoices" you will find details about your purchase.
Sign In and check "My Account", under "Search History" you will find all your searches.
Basecamp and Cloud can be shared with your community, click the share icon on the upper right-hand corner. After you click the search icon you will need to specify how you want to share your results, when you are done click "Share & Get Link" button.
Free trial offers a single search only.
After you Sign In to your account you will need to click "My Account" and "Search History" so you can review your past searches.
Yes, you can buy as many packages as you like. When you do a search you will be asked to choose between your packages.
Yes, you can purchase your package with credit/debit cards and PayPal.
Click "Contact Us" and fill in the contact form.
If you share your results and agree on publishing them you can look for your results on our Gallery.